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More than 10 years ago, RadicalMedia issued a challenge to Croscon: Devise a system so that the global commercial production leader with 7 offices and hundreds of clients around the world could distribute media securely to co-workers and clients.

Back then, Radical either shipped physical reels or used an archaic FTP service with a web frontend.


Working with Radical’s lead software engineer, Croscon architected and developed the Vault – a multimedia storage, indexing and delivery system.

Security was critical considering the content being produced was potentially months, or even years, from being released to the public.

So we deployed Vault on a private cloud across a private content delivery network in 6 data centers – ensuring not only security, but also mission-critical performance and reliability.

Beyond Radical's own successful use of Vault, The Johnny Cash Project is one great example of the extendability and power of the Vault.

 Croscon Work - RadicalMedia
Scenes from the Johnny Cash project
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Vault delivered Radical a competitive advantage in winning new work.

And what started as a solution to solve Radical’s challenges has grown into a stand-alone product, powering more than 100 platforms.

RadicalMedia and Croscon have partnered to roll out Vault to more companies and advertising agencies in need.

To learn more about what Vault can do for you, click here.

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