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Managing modern multimedia content is a challenge with any content management system (CMS). Often, developers have to frustratingly hack their CMS platforms to get them to respond the way the creative teams envisioned the final site to look and feel.

NASA was developing a modern HTML5, universally accessible and multimedia website for Mission Juno’s exploration of Jupiter. The mission required a CMS that could manage this rich content.


For the re-launch of the Mission Juno website, RadicalMedia worked with us to implement our CMS product Groowm to power the site. Groowm allowed NASA’s content editors the freedom to manage complex layouts, templates and multimedia objects.

Our enterprise CMS made the Mission Juno website fully WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editable.

Groowm’s powerful API layer enabled NASA departments and third-parties to move content objects into other systems - allowing the agency to create a central repository of content, FAQs, glossaries, images, and videos redistributable across the web.


NASA’s content team was able to create more than 1,200 objects without requiring developers to make tedious code changes.

NASA acknowledged Croscon’s efforts with an achievement award for pioneering work in the field of digital documentary. We’re humbled to be part of a project that changes the way the public perceives space.

Please visit Mission Juno.

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