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Typical project management software just doesn’t work well for service businesses like ours. These tools are typically focused on product companies managing a few products or platforms.

When managing multiple clients and projects, you have overlapping schedules and priorities.

At Croscon, we needed a system that was robust enough to provide immediate updates on time spent and project status because improving transparency with clients would deliver competitive advantage.

“Real-time updates on time spent and project status is our competitive advantage.”


We built MyCourt – a workflow and time management platform for service companies.

Now we’re able to manage large projects, prioritize ad-hoc critical tasks, assess time spent, deliver estimates, and communicate team priorities. All in real-time.

But we didn’t stop there.

We developed an innovative crowd-sourced time entry model that allows our project managers to automatically log time for engineers. Crowd-source time entry improves the accuracy and efficiency of our workforce since the developers stay plugged in and working.


With MyCourt, we can capture hours data as work is completed.

We execute projects with 44.9% greater efficiency. And we provide our clients with a holistic view of their project at a moment’s notice.

MyCourt provides us a real-time dashboard of the health of every project. The product has helped insurance companies, production companies, and other service-based businesses to improve their efficiency and access to reporting.

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