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BestDay.com is a leader in the global travel and tourism business. The company opened in 1984, as a travel and tourism company addressing the Mexican market -- with a particular expertise in catering to guests visiting the Cancun and Riviera Maya regions. Its portfolio of travel options in combination with its personalized service, at competitive prices, has helped it achieve and maintain its success.

“We didn’t want our newest campaign to focus on price, which seems to be the trend in our industry. Our goal was to work with a partner like Croscon that would help us connect, in a meaningful and lasting way, with consumers.”

- David Rebolledo, Managing Director, BestDay.com

Elevating the Best Day Brand

Hundreds of online travel sites are leveraging their access to wholesale travel options and services, making for a very crowded market place. Best Day was looking to elevate its brand above the white noise generated by its competitors. Understanding that personalized social content and video is incredibly powerful, Best Day sought a partner to help design a campaign and digital property to leverage social media and any consumers’ video. The initial goal was to demonstrate that travel within different regions could be incredibly fun and rewarding.

While consulting with Best Day’s marketing team and partners, Croscon seized the opportunity to create a completely new digital customer touchpoint, where anyone can create and share a custom video, allowing them to relive their best vacations.

This is something that had never been done before, a digital property where visitors could easily upload their images along with some travel details and receive a free, professional direction-quality video. The visitors could then just as easily upload and share their travel videos on YouTube using the system -- with the strategy of sparking additional interest for Best Day through social media.

The making of a unique digital business

The requirements while straightforward were also incredibly challenging. The system had to be incredibly easy for anyone to use. Had to work with any device. It had to work in up to three different languages. It must accept images and metadata and integrate unique social media information gathered about the user’s trip. It also had to be able to accept and generate custom information based on travel destinations, dates and lengths of stay. And, the campaign needed to go live to reach the summer travel season, putting the development window at just nine weeks.

To meet the business goals Croscon built a digital property -- my.bestday.com. It generates custom travel videos through ZVM, a proprietary, server-side video rendering engine built by Croscon in collaboration with Google.

The visitor provides initial images and travel dates and destinations for their trip. They can also access, as an option, their social media networks -- Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, among others -- to automatically integrate comments and descriptions. Croscon also designed my.bestday.com to access third-party weather information and Google Maps.

Videos of this quality would normally take a talented video editor weeks to build and cost thousands of dollars. Best Day can take all of that data, and visitors receive a professional-quality HD video commemorating their trip -- with seamless weather and number of miles travelled information, complete with actual maps of their destination and departure cities and waypoints.

My Best Day leverages Croscon’s cluster of 1200 CPUs, to renders these videos in under 60-100 seconds, at 1080p.

Best Day becomes a top-5 YouTube travel channel while increasing sales 120%

The campaign results have been impressive. According to the Best Day, this has been the most effective marketing campaign in its history. The campaign increased traffic to bestday.com by 20%, increased sales by 120% and generated more then 12 million views on YouTube -- making Best Day a top-5 YouTube travel channel. This campaign more than elevated the Best Day brand, it has become a trusted partner in creating personal video keepsakes that document special moments in people's’ lives. No other travel company does that.

“In addition to raising our awareness and increasing website visits and sales, we have achieved what we set out to do. We are leveraging our digital property to be a valued partner that helps people create, capture and share some of the best times of their lives.”

- David Rebolledo, Managing Director, BestDay.com

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