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MusicPro, offering affordable insurance for music industry, was beginning to realize its market potential, when inefficiencies in processes and business systems threatened its growth.

For instance, onboarding a new customer was a manual process that required more than 10 minutes and consisted of 11 steps, increasing the potential for errors.

Also, annual renewals occurred at the same time each year. All policies had to undergo a 5- to 10-minute manual process. Meanwhile customers had to wait for these manual processes to activate their insurance.


Croscon analyzed each process, customer interaction and workflow with a goal toward maximizing efficiency. Then we built a cohesive system that could meet the demands of the growing insurance company.

"Croscon has changed the game for MusicPro. They have taken us from a web site to a web based business system, eliminating costly operational complexity, saving our customers time and increasing our back office efficiency."

- Howard Girao | Manager, MusicPro Insurance

Croscon Work - MusicPro Insurance

We built the new system in 16 short weeks.

After launch, MusicPro immediately realized results. Customer onboarding is now automated – and completed in seconds. Customers can now self-service their policies so that as soon as policies are approved, they can be quoted, bound and sent to the customer without manual intervention.

Even the tedious process of filling out ACORD insurance forms are completely automated and properly filed in real-time.

Altogether, MusicPro’s capacity has jumped 60-fold, thus increasing policy management capacity from 4,000 to 240,000 policies. Plus, the efficiency and flexibility of the system has helped the business grow by more than 27% since Croscon joined the team.

MusicPro’s custom technology is now its competitive advantage.

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