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In 2013, Frito-Lay introduced Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” campaign, a crowdsourced product development promotion to gather consumers’ suggestions and voter participation for new chip flavors. Frito-Lay turned four of the best ideas into actual products and the winning flavor stayed on store shelves for a year.

The campaign was a hit on many levels: winners received prizes, fans were rewarded with new chip flavors and Frito-Lay expanded its brand, revenues and profit. The campaign was so successful that it continued the promotion in 2014, which drew 14.4 million submissions.

For it’s third year, the challenge in 2015 was to carry the ongoing success of this program, while extending consumer engagement and sharing in an original way.

Bringing the Brand to Life

For the 2015 campaign, Croscon developed an easy, fun-to-use web property for both desktop and mobile devices that tied directly into the “Do Us A Flavor” submission process. After entering a flavor consumers could create a movie trailer “short” where their ingredients become characters. Consumers could “dress up” their ingredient characters with different features – eyes, hats and facial hair, among other fun choices. This robust platform would create each custom movie trailer in real-time and allowed consumers to automatically upload their created videos immediately to their YouTube channel for sharing.

Lays Do Us a Flavor Video Themes
Themes available to the user to create a customized video
Increasing Online Engagement by more than 6 minutes

Because the previous “Do Us a Flavor” campaigns generated millions of submissions, Croscon architected a highly-scalable, real-time UGC video engine that could utilize the distributed computing capacity of the Google Cloud Platform. Croscon also partnered with the Google search team to create end-points that would automatically feed search trend data and update an interactive “Flavorcast Map” that ranked the top searched-for ingredients by state.

Croscon’s digital property for Frito-Lay allowed participants to create endless brand-safe content that increased submissions and drove external brand awareness. More than 500 video uploads to YouTube were submitted each day driving organic views and awareness of the campaign.

In all, the platform led to 25% more submissions, while user engagement increased an average of 6m, 43 seconds when creating videos.

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