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Building Custom
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Custom intranet platform


Our client, an advertising technology company, needed a collaborative environment for communicating and sharing assets across its rapidly growing organization.

After trying the leading off-the-shelf intranet solutions, our client sought a custom intranet platform, not one retrofitted out of the box.

The desired system would help employees find coworkers across their 20 offices, share news and assets quickly, and inspire a greater sense of community & collaboration.

In addition, as a creative- and technology-driven company, our client needed a solution that offered the freedom to evolve with its business.


We built on top of our INCO framework to rapidly develop and entirely customize their new Intranet.

The confidence in customizing the intranet framework allowed us to freely plan the individual & collaborative tools that each department distinctly needed without constraints.

As the current implementation becomes more integrated in the business, new and even smarter tools continue to be planned and developed to improve internal processes, as well as the overall corporate culture.

Instead of taking an existing solution and finding the problem(s), we start by working with our clients to find the pain points and problems and then build a solution. INCO allows us to deliver the custom experience with a lower TCO.


Our client’s employees can now find the right resource, stay on top of the latest news and keep all of their documents securely organized and up-to-date.

Unlike competitive off the shelf products like SharePoint, the INCO framework allowed our client to build a custom intranet and document management system around their business. This approach has freed our client to have a solution that truly grows with their business.

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