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Hours of prevented downtime


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Avaaz, the world’s largest and most powerful online activist network, is constantly challenged to meet scalability, disaster recovery, and security concerns to enable its 33+ million members to effect positive change around the world.

Avaaz sought help to support, scale and secure its infrastructure. Croscon’s mission - to keep Avaaz running no matter what the threat.


For the past 4 years, Croscon has worked alongside the Avaaz team on a number of projects. Our partnership began with a code-focused security audit, involving a manual audit of the organization’s entire code base and network.

As Avaaz grew, we worked on emergency threat mitigation against would-be hackers, scaling the company’s platform to support millions of members and designing a disaster recovery site and cutover procedure.

Croscon Work - 2015 Aids Quilt
Photo credit: ©Paul McGeiver

When Hurricane Sandy flooded Avaaz’s data center in lower Manhattan, salt water rushed into the basement knocking out the fuel pumps and rendering the generators useless.

That night, we spun up instances and re-routed all traffic to the disaster recovery site we had previously prepared, preventing a week of downtime. Once services were restored in lower Manhattan, we cut back to Avaaz’s primary site.

In addition, Croscon continually monitors security threats, consults during active attempted attacks, manages IDS services, and provides security consulting for Avaaz to keep its member data safe, and its organization secure.

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