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Multimedia & Document
File System As-a-Service

What It Is

Vault is an essential building block for building modern media & document-based applications. Vault handles the uploading, tagging, storage, collaboration and delivery of petabytes of file objects.

Learn more about how Vault powers RadicalMedia – a global production company.

  • CMS
  • CRM
  • DMS
  • APPS

Vault is powering Intranets, Content Management Systems, Music Search Engines and Document Management Systems – just to name a few.

Croscon Tools - Vault

Stay Organized

Once in the system, Vault’s SDK and API can be used to create a truly custom tagging system – keeping your assets organized and searchable against Vault’s powerful lucene-based elastic search engine.


By design, Vault was built to lock down all assets under management. With intuitive access controls and it's flexible permissioning sub-system, Vault can meet any business requirement or compliance standard.

Croscon Tools - Vault

Transcode & Conversion Built-In

Supporting 100% of the popular codecs, Vault accepts HD video (including ProRes 422) and creates streamable assets for any device. Images and audio are also automatically encoded to embed in advance and just-in-time for optimal codecs and versioning.

World-Wide Content Delivery

As infrastructure experts, we specifically designed Vault to serve multimedia and other large assets across the globe without stutter or buffering issues.


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