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Enterprise Content
Management Framework
for Developers

What It Is

Groowm is a content management framework that allows developers to make their dynamic sites completely editable without getting in the way. Groowm delivers a powerful and simple interface that allows the content managers to intuitively manage their new website making you look like a hero.

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  • Strategy & UX

  • Design

  • Frontend Production

  • Groowmify

Croscon Tools - Groowm

Edit Anything

Without polluting your beautiful DOM - Groowm makes any element editable. Easy to use built-in editing tools handle the most complex layouts.

Croscon Tools - Groowm

Multimedia Friendly

Click or drag to upload original HD images and videos. Groowm can generate any size, crop or aspect thumbnail on the fly. Videos are automatically transcoded and converted to native HTML5 formats.

Croscon Tools - Groowm

Unbreakable Design

Traditionally, when handing a CMS over to the content team it results in chaos. Colors, fonts and positioning are used with reckless abandon, breaking the designers vision and style guide. Groowm forces everyone to play inside the style guide.

Croscon Tools - Groowm Croscon Tools - Groowm

Simple Multi-Lingual

Groowm supports all languages, including right-to-left languages such as Arabic. Create a page in your native language then jump to other languages to provide their translations without having to rebuild the page.

"type": "About",
  "meta": {
  "title": "About Us",
  "body_class": "default",
  "background_img": 7421,
  "excludeNav": false,
  "modules": [
      "type": "BodyCopy",
      "meta": { "copy" : "This the body copy"}
      "type": "ImageWithCaption",
      "meta": {
        "caption" : "This is my caption",
        "image" : 3218
}, ...

Central Content Repository

Groowm’s powerful API means all of the content that is built in the system can be re-used across your organization or for different uses beyond the website.


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